Thursday, September 25, 2014

When The Floor Is Shaking

A earthquake is causes by tectonic plates moving like if they split apart or move on top and they are always moving tectonic plates are like puzzle pieces split apart

How do Earthquakes change the surface of the earth. it can build up mountains and shift roads and buildings to move and cause a lot of damage

Describe the damage caused by earthquakes
you can use a seismograph to describe how strong it can by 1&9 every time it go's up it get ten times bigger

where are earthquakes most likely to occur
by the fault lines like in LA and if it is by water it can cause earthquakes to happen

How are tsunamis related to Earth Quakes
earth quakes can cause tsunamis and they both happen under ground in water and earth quakes are caused by earth quakes
                                                            What is a volcano?
What determines the way a volcano erupts
The type volcanic eruption that happens is tectonic plates move like front to back o move in top on the thickness of magma and the amount of gases under ground come up

How do scientists classify volcanoes
under/in the volcano is flowing lava and it builds when it gets to the top small rocks explode out the top and rain like hail

How dose volcano

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  1. Daniel,I liked the way you organized you passage and how specific you were my question was that in the third paragraph what does 1&9 mean

    _ jennifer