Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Readers,

Here is a story about the first time I raced my Jr dragster.

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   Racing My Jr Dragster For The First Time  

I woke up at my grandpa’s as my alarm was going off as loud as can be. I got out of bed so tired I did not even want to move. I walked slowly in to my closet to get my racing gear in the bag as the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes was coming through the house. I was still packing my stuff I could not be late or miss anything. As I was sprinting down the stairs everyone was outside getting the truck started and loading up the jr dragster. As I was getting it in the trailer the dragster rides low, so getting it into the trailer was a struggle.
On the way to Bandimere Speedway, it started to get really foggy and cold. I thought for sure someone was going to cancel the race.
As we pulled up to bandimere speedway, the gates were still closed because we were early. Then with all the racers I did not feel like I was made for this. While we were waiting, I had 4 kids come up to me and I thought, “What do you guys want?” but I guess they were going to show me the jr drag pit spot .Where we had our set up, where we had my dragster, and where we chilled out for the day, When the gates opened, we started up the truck, it still smelt like gas. I hated that smell. As we came up the hill I got really excited but scared at the same time. When we got a spot, I pushed out my long  jr drag.
When we got it out, it was time to take it around bandimere. I thought to myself, “What if it blows up? What if it runs out of gas?”
It was my first time out when i was coming back on the return road, the seat belts came apart I forgot to drill down the bolts. So as I was coming back as scared as possible, they called our racing class. When I pulled up to the line scared as can be, the 3 yellow lights dropped, and green light was on, when I hit the 330 mark of the drag strip. m\My seat belts came undone, I had my helmet on so I could not look down, and my hands are bolted down to the ground. I struggle to get safe I turned the car off, when it got sideways I slammed on the breaks as I pulled up at the finish line my mom Alisha, and my grandpa are running down the track, next thing I know they are all over me saying, “Are you okay?”

I kept responding with yes mom I am fine in, a grumpy tone of voice after my life flashed before my eyes. When I got back to the pits I ran into the camper. To see the video it looked like the bolt hit the tire and swung it to the right. It started to rain hard after a while it cleared out it was time to race the first time someone raced he rolled over 3 times, from the slick part of the track. When he came back I ran over there his car was destroyed like a tin can, he was not hurt that much the race was still going to happen, I thought that was really weird but I did not care. It was time for round number one, I ran back to my car as everyone was going down the to the starting line when I got in my car I got nervous my grandpa said everything is going to be ok, and pushed my car down. I seen my mom running down with icy water, it was hot as a dry desert, the sun glared on the car. Then they called us when I pulled up to the water box to do my burnout, the girl I was racing was having troubles with her car. It was not starting, they let me have a bye run, a run by my self I went down the race track with no problem. As I was coming around the turn off road the side panel came flying off, I stopped got out waited for my parents to come pick me up. When we got back, the spring that held the car up split in half. So we had to find Jr, Racecars because they fix all Jr Dragsters. When we got there they said we needed to take the car to the shop. As they loaded my car into their huge trailer, I was bummed out that i broke it but it was going to be better than it was.                 

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