Thursday, December 11, 2014

August 1, 1495
Daniel S

It was august 1, 1495 I woke up that morning, My wife had our kids and she put her ring in the fireplace and walked out the door.
 So I got my stuff packed up, and I met up with my friends Joel and Kayd they were going to sail to Portugal,
 So I said OK lets do this. We loaded food, supplies, and we had to get the wood so it would not fall apart. The water smelled like tar I never got how that happens.
 Our ship was good our crew was good but we did not have much experience with sailing so our supplies and our maps are poor.
 It had been time to sail out to sea. We looked back to see our family waving to us because we can not ever come back.
 We had to travel west for a week, we got to the island of Azores the captain would not let us off the boat
because we can tear up the town, get lost, and cause trouble.
It had been 2 weeks in sea and we had to check our supplies we had nothing wrong, but what people are talking about is some people going to span had weevils so we got to be careful of what we do and where we go.
The more days we spent at sea the more angry we got, I started being greedy because our supplies was good so far.
it was our second week in the middle of no where the wind stopped we where sitting still in water for days, we just waited until the wind came up.

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